The Almatec Advantage


When it comes to choosing the right pump for solar cell manufacturing, Almatec® is the quality choice. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic diaphragm pumps, Almatec’s advanced engineered solutions come from decades of experience and innovation in the pump sector. Based in Kamp-Linfort, Germany, the company owns numerous patents and has one of the largest ranges in the field of pneumatic diaphragm pumps.

When speaking specifically of plastic AODD pumps for use in solar-cell manufacture, Almatec offers the E-Series line, which has been designed to meet every challenge. E-Series pumps feature solid-block construction, which increases their strength and life cycle, while eliminating many maintenance concerns. They are made with superior materials – polyethylene (PE) and PTFE, which are ideal for solar-cell manufacturing applications due to their extreme hardness and durability. These and other special features distinguish the Almatec pumps from competitors.




Superior Materials


The materials of construction are a major benefit of Almatec E-Series pumps. The E-Series housing and all pump components, even internal parts including the valves, are made with polyethylene (PE) or PTFE in a solid block design. PE has a high abrasion resistance – seven times higher than polypropylene (PP), the more commonly used material, and 1.6 times higher than that of steel. This type of durability is important for handling the abrasive silicon carbide slurry of solar cell manufacturing. PTFE’s high chemical resistance also makes it easy to withstand the chemical supply (acids, caustics) used in the process – so internal parts will not become corroded by abrasive media or dry particles.


Machined for Precision


Only a solid body can support the weight necessary for an oscillating pump. This is because the demands that oscillating-displacement pumps place on their materials of construction are extremely high due to the constant alternating stress to which they are subjected. Therefore, Almatec E-Series pumps are created from a solid plastic block that is mechanically machined – not molded, as are many competitors’ pumps. Injection-molded pumps are lighter weight, requiring less material during construction, so they are less expensive; however, they frequently “wander” in an uncontrolled manner under the oscillating pumping action, requiring external restraints and stabilizers. The superior, solid-block design of Almatec E-Series pumps is economical thanks to modern CNC technology that enables tight tolerances. The high static mass leads to a smooth operation, with reduced vibration and less risk of leakage, without the need for external metal reinforcement parts.





Reducing Systemic Stress: Pulsation Dampers


Pumps with an oscillating action produce a pulsating flow. This can be detrimental in solar manufacturing applications, especially with larger pumps. Smooth, uniform flow volume results in less vibration and stress on the piping system. The Almatec ET Series pulsation damper represents the latest generation of active self-regulating dampers. The automatic adjustment feature optimizes the diaphragm setting and ensures a consistent flow rate with minimal pulsation and vibration.


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