Harsh Processes Require Hard Pumps

The manufacturing of solar wafers is an extremely precise process that puts pumping equipment through demanding, often rigorous production applications. Several of these processes involve highly abrasive slurries, which is a mixture of glycol and powdered silicon carbide. Slurries are used as the cutting agent when silicon ingots pass through the wire saw machine, producing thin silicon wafers. Eventually, this slurry becomes contaminated by silicon particles, iron and other byproducts from the sawing process, which render it unusable. Since slurry is one of the more expensive products used in the solar wafer manufacturing process, many solar wafer manufacturers have invested in systems that reprocess and reuse the slurry onsite rather than discard it after use. As one of the pioneers in the slurry reprocessing industry, CRS Reprocessing Services, understands this…perhaps better than anyone.